Project management of a CCH Tagetik implementation

Client : CDC Habitat


Drawing lessons from a first project phase, which is difficult, without any Project Management Assistance, CDC Habitat was looking for a partner with strong expertise of the CCH Tagetik solution to support the Business and the IT Department in leading the project and respecting the expectations of users.

Our Approach

In order to ensure user satisfaction, we helped Management Control to specify and prioritize its requirement, so that it is properly taken into account by the team in charge of the configuration. We also worked with the Business and the IT Department on the configuration choices, to not stray away from the CCH Tagetik standard. After which, we followed the configuration and then guided the formula, being constantly attentive to respecting the priority expectations of users, mostly during the pain-staking arbitration phases. Last but not least, we organized training in record time for a key population of users so that they can properly use the tool.


A team of experienced consultants who share common values.

The Bakia method

An agile partner, who positions people at the very core of the company's digital system.


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