Case Studies

Support for a Management Control department

After an in-depth diagnosis, we proposed a new organisational structure for the Management Control department. And we prepared for its implementation with change management support, involving the various levels of the organisation.

In order to improve efficiency and adapt to a change in strategy and organisation, our client’s Management Control department had undertaken several projects to transform its processes and tools. These projects generated a lot of tension within the department, with particular difficulty in forming a work group. Our client was looking for a consulting firm with skills in change management and management control to support their transformation and improve the functioning of the organisation.

BAKIA proposed a team of 3 senior experts: an expert in the Management Control function, a certified Coach and an experienced Project Director who had led several missions within the client’s Management Control Function.

The approach consisted of three steps, based on a combination of change management, organisational redesign and project management.

We first re-established a framework of trust for the function through individual interviews, “vision” workshops and then meetings to review what was uncovered.

Once this framework of trust had been re-established, we helped to define a target organisation by carrying out an in-depth organisational diagnosis. This diagnosis enabled us to define areas for improvement and a target organisation with several options, which we presented to the Steering Committee for their decision-making.

Once validated, we prepared the changeover to this new target organisation by proposing job descriptions for future managers and by explaining the relationships between divisions within the organisation.

At the start of the mission, we set up a tightly knit project team of three people: the Director of Management Control, the HR Director and the BAKIA Project Director, that met at least once a week but also on an ad hoc basis according to needs or emergencies.

We also involved the various levels of the organisation at all stages of the mission: Managing Director, Excom, Management Control Director, Management Control Managers and the Management Control department. This was done through individual interviews, workshops, meetings to share work in progress and, of course, during project and steering committees. These numerous meeting points made it possible to gather the expectations and requests of the stakeholders throughout the mission.