Be part of a dynamic consulting firm and a committed team that works on inspiring and motivating projects.

Learn more about the advantages of working at BAKIA, our job offers or submit a spontaneous application. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team in Paris and Hong Kong.

Why join us?

Do you like autonomy, taking responsibility and being in a continuous learning process within a stimulating environment? Are you keen to support change by putting your interlocutors in the position of changemakers?

Grow within a learning firm, in a friendly working environment, where you will become an expert in the transformation of the Finance functions for large groups and financial institutions.

Autonomy and Responsibility

You will be entrusted with rich and varied projects. You will work autonomously and your responsibilities will quickly increase.

Large-scale Missions

BAKIA offers large-scale assignments with a balance between technical and financial aspects.

Quality Training

Benefit from training on a variety of topics: technical, change management, project management, etc.

We are committed to helping you improve your skills for optimal performance.

A Management Team that Cares

The BAKIA Team listens to you and provides you with regular feedback to help you progress.

Attractive Remuneration

We offer our employees an attractive package with a fixed and variable package.

A Multicultural Environment

With offices in Paris and Hong Kong and a diverse team, we value the differences and personalities of each member of our team. Nous ne cherchons pas de profils préformatés.

Conviviality at Work

In a pleasant working environment, consultants share best practices with each other in a transparent manner and participate in company events for moments of conviviality. Le partage de bonnes pratiques entre consultants, ainsi que les événements d’entreprise vous permettront d’apprécier des moments de convivialité.

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"CO-..." means working together AND with our clients

At BAKIA, we take “co-” to heart because “working together” is part of our DNA. Knowing how to think about the relationship with the Other is one of our prerequisites; we take action after we have thought about the ecosystem.

With our clients, before introducing transformation in their ecosystem, we identify the actors who will potentially be affected by this innovation and evaluate the magnitude of the change they will have to make.

With people at the heart of BAKIA’s methodology, all finance transformation projects are managed with a special focus on change management.

Job Offers

Are you motivated to join BAKIA but your profile doesn’t match our current vacancies? Send us a spontaneaous application to join our team in Paris or Hong Kong.
Our jobs:
Junior Consultant / Senior Consultant / Senior Manager Consultant
Every year we also welcome students for internships. This is an opportunity to experience a mission in pairs with one of our Senior Consultants.

At BAKIA, you will find all the advantages of a small structure: flexibility, a very human side, proximity with management, autonomy, having responsibility and freedom in your work associated with the prestige and the requirements of the large accounts.

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Do you want to know more about BAKIA, its mission, its history, its DNA, its values?
By the way, do you know what the word “bakia” means?

Discover the BAKIA Team

BAKIA’s strength lies in the expertise of its management in the transformation of Finance functions, its involvement at every stage of the mission, combined with a network of independent experts and talented collaborators.