Case Studies

CCH Tagetik project management

Taking on and turning around a project in distress is one of the most complex situations in the life of a consultant. The BAKIA team has experience in managing CCH Tagetik projects for more than 10 years and can take over the management of our clients’ CCH Tagetik projects at short notice and lead them to success.

Our client, a software integrator, was running a CCH Tagetik implementation project in the field of “Statutory Consolidation” and was faced with the sudden departure of the project manager in the middle of the acceptance phase. The relationship with the end customer was strained as the solution had many anomalies. Some key functionalities were also missing and development had fallen behind schedule.

BAKIA provided the client with a Project manager experienced in the implementation of CCH Tagetik applied to Statutory Consolidation and reinforced the technical team with an expert in cost allocation in order to unblock the situation on the key functionalities not yet delivered.

The approach consisted firstly of adjusting the project organisation.
Responsibility for the solution architecture was concentrated on a single expert instead of four previously. But it was broken down into its functional, technical and PMO aspects. The role of the project committee was also strengthened by making it mandatory and by increasing the pressure on the management of deadlines. The committees and meetings became more productive, with the right people around the table for each of the components.

Thanks to the new organisation and a more transparent dialogue, we were able to regain the trust of the end customer and co-pilot the project with him. The project committee took operational decisions collectively and was jointly responsible for the decisions submitted to the steering committee. Regarding the implementation of the CCH Tagetik solution, the new governance enabled the software integrator and end-customer teams to work productively together, since they were relieved of project management issues.