Case Studies

Implementation of an account consolidation solution

Meeting our clients’ needs also means respecting their deadline constraints. Within the framework of this mission, BAKIA was able to evolve its approach with adapted methods, allowing the successful implementation of the new system in record time.

Following the decision to decommission its management closing and consolidation application, our client was looking for a firm to implement a new application, using CCH Tagetik, with several functional evolutions. The client was looking for a fixed price and time commitment, as the decommissioning required a new solution to be available by a fixed date.

BAKIA proposed a team of 4 consultants, including 2 experts: a CCH Tagetik solution expert, certified Champion by the editor, and a Project Manager, who had already led more than 10 CCH Tagetik implementation projects.

The approach evolved during the mission. BAKIA first proposed and implemented a V-cycle, to implement a sustainable application base, based on validated functional specifications. This reduced the time-consuming and costly back and forth on the development of the core application.

The approach then evolved towards a semi-agile mode, taking into account the business availability constraints. We designed and implemented the rest of the components as we went along and finished with a global business acceptance test of the application.

At the end of the project, BAKIA was selected to take the role of technical lead for the maintenance of all the client’s CCH Tagetik applications.

This project is a typical example of co-creation, as we set up and co-lead a development team with the client, including BAKIA consultants and quasi-internal consultants (on long-term contracts).

We also worked closely with the client’s project management and business teams, in the form of workshops and numerous ad hoc meetings.