Case Studies

Focus on change management in a transformation project

Change management is an essential component in the success of a Finance Function transformation project. With its experts, BAKIA offers tailor-made change management support, which involves both the implementor and all those affected by the implementation of the project.

Following the launch of a vast project to transform its cost management system, our client was looking for expertise in both managing and implementing a transformation but also to add a “Change Management” dimension to it.
As they had been previously faced with multiple project impacts and had clearly identified this as a risk.

For this project, BAKIA integrated experts in change management, including a certified coach, who had already assisted several organisations in major transformations.

First of all, we established a diagnosis in order to analyse the extent of the change and its impact on the employees. To accompany the change management, we then worked on 3 fundamental pillars:
  • Communication, in order to explain the reasons for the change, to mobilise the players around the implementation and to promote the stages of progress
  • Human resources management, to measure the impact on the business and (re)define the benchmark jobs and reference positions in the budget/management control family
  • Training, to provide the future skills required, in particular for the management controller, to ensure his new position as a business partner
This project was carried out during the pandemic and led BAKIA to adapt its systems to the “new normal” of remote working. We therefore organised workshops and short training sessions in small groups. The team also made sure to include all employees, ensuring everyone had a voice in monthly user committees.

Throughout the mission, our experts worked closely with the project manager and the client’s HR, Communication and Training team in order to support them in their work without taking their place. BAKIA continuously proposed change management actions that were discussed and then adapted during workshops with the client’s teams.