Case Studies

Overhaul of a company’s economic management tools

Rethinking all the steering models can be a complex task for a company. BAKIA’s strength is to provide experts recognised in their field to assist our clients in their management model redesign project.

Faced with the limits of its existing management models, our client wanted to reflect on its real needs in terms of cost management and on the opportunity to redesign its models. BAKIA was retained first to propose a target cost management model, and then to implement the two management tools associated with the target model: a financial performance management system and an operational performance management system. This is an ambitious project, taking place over 3 years, involving significant changes for the Management Control function, but also for the management team, who will be given greater responsibility for cost management.

To carry out this global transformation project, BAKIA put together a team of experts recognised in their field: a costing expert, a certified coach, a highly experienced PMO, an expert in the cost allocation module of the IT solution (CCH Tagetik), and an expert in process modelling. A Project Director coordinated these numerous experts.

We relied on several proven methodologies to carry out this large-scale project: Activity Based Management and Direct Costing for cost modelling, Qualigram for process modelling, V-cycle for software implementation.

We also implemented a tailor-made committee structure with the creation and management of 3 specific committees in addition to the traditional project and steering committees: a functional committee, a technical committee and a user committee. These committees made it possible to concentrate in dedicated and regular bodies the reflections and requests relating to modelling, implementation and change management and to avoid the risks of dispersion linked to the complexity of the project.

Numerous workshops and team channels also enabled us to involve all stakeholders.

The Change Management team supported the implementation of a new skills repository, numerous digital communication tools and a dedicated training plan.

We set up a core team of consultants and client representatives to co-pilot the project and conduct the functional and technical aspects, as well as change management.

We involved all the head of departments in our work through the comitology set up but also through numerous workshops and ad hoc points, in order to ensure that the new concepts and tools were appropriated throughout the project.