What is the DNA of BAKIA?

At BAKIA, we recently engaged in the exercise and brainstormed on what defines us as a company and in the work we have done over the years with our clients.

The DNA of BAKIA is the combination of EXPERTISE with a BESPOKE APPROACH to CO-DEVELOP solutions with its clients.

For Finance functions to stay on top as a strategic partner to the business, there needs to be an ethos of flexibility and continuous transformation.

Since 2013, BAKIA Consulting’s mission is to help its clients – large corporations and financial institutions – to solve issues related to transforming Finance functions. It explores innovative new solutions to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, whilst providing the support necessary for the accompanying changes.


Team Expertise part of Bakia's DNA

BAKIA’s strength lies in the expertise of its management in the transformation of Finance functions, its involvement at every stage of the mission, combined with a network of independent experts and talented collaborators, that make up the BAKIA Team.

  • Romain Dubuisson and Matthias Huot, Directors of BAKIA Consulting, are recognised experts in the field of transforming Finance functions. Having worked at the Big Four, they have engaged in numerous consulting projects for major corporations and financial institutions in France and abroad.
  • From the initial proposal lead by management, through the strategic consulting phase, to the implementation of recommended processes and tools, Romain Dubuisson and Matthias Huot are fully involved in each project from start to finish.
  • The BAKIA Team consists of a group of highly efficient collaborators; talented individuals with excellent education and professional backgrounds, who are regularly trained in the latest best practices.
  • BAKIA has developed a network of independent experts, who are carefully selected for each project – costing experts, management control experts, certified coaches, etc. This pool of expertise is integrated into the process of each client project.


For each new client mission, BAKIA combines expertise and methodologies in order to offer a bespoke approach, that is tried and tested, to find a personalised solution that ultimately attributes to the successful transformation of the Finance function.

  • Because each company and each project is different, BAKIA focuses on the uniqueness of each client to find a customised approach and unique key success factors.
  • There is not ONE BAKIA method, but a ‘toolbox’ of methodologies that when combined, offers a unique bespoke approach to achieve each misson. The BAKIA Team are masters of a multitude of methods – from the most traditional to the most innovative (Design Thinking, workshops, AGILE method, process approach, mind mapping, ABC, change management, coaching techniques…). The Team knows how to combine and adapt them to meet the specific needs of each project. BAKIA’s expertise is fully tried and tested on the ground. By incorporating feedback in the choice and application of methods proposed by its experts, BAKIA integrates flexibility and adaptability within each mission.
  • BAKIA’s expertise is fully tried and tested on the ground. By incorporating feedback in the choice and application of methods proposed by its experts, BAKIA integrates flexibility and adaptability within each mission.


BAKIA adopts a participative approach, where each project is carried out in full collaboration with clients and their teams, in order to co-develop solutions and to ensure that they are fully embraced within the company.

  • BAKIA works collaboratively with its clients’ teams at all levels of the transformation process of Finance functions. BAKIA positions itself as a full member of the client’s company during the entire duration of the assignment. (BAKIA takes on the responsibility and the lead to support and defend internally the solutions proposed.)
  • For each project, the solution is developed hand-in-hand with the client in order to be as adaptive as possible and to best meet the client’s needs. By involving the client’s teams in creating the solution, combined with a particular attention to change management, it allows for a complete buy-in to facilitate its implementation.
  • The BAKIA Team (consultants and management) is available at all times for its client’s teams. The way BAKIA is structured fosters a relationship of trust, whilst its boutique approach lends itself to be agile and adaptable to the needs of each and every client.

BAKIA gathers the best team of experts who choose the most appropriate methods for its clients – from traditional to innovative ones, in order to create solutions that perfectly fit the client’s needs.

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