Optimization of the closing process

Client : RTE


As part of the continuous improvement of the processes, RTE’s Accounting Department wanted to review its closing process and reduce low value-added work tasks (extractions, manual entry, copy/paste, etc.) and reallocate efforts to review and analyze accounts.

Our Approach

BAKIA suggested to adapt its “PDT” methodology (see method) to meet the challenges of the client: to create a working group of about twenty people, organize and animate workshops through sub-groups and through full sessions, a participatory process in which actors share their ideas and are collectively “challenged”, not to mention convergence and prioritization through votes from the working group. After a mapping phase of the closure process, the Bakia method made it possible to pinpoint and prioritize the low value-added tasks of the process, spot the risk areas not to mention, define optimization proposals. At the same time, a benchmark made it possible to enrich or confirm the ideas of the working group. The mission led to a tangible 8-step action plan for immediate implementation.


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