The Change Management check-list

With or without digital, all markets tend to evolve quickly. Moreover, Change Management is an essential approach for any company who wishes to remain competitive.

Change Management brings together processes that shall facilitate adaptation in terms of change within organizations.

Change Management : who is in charge?

All project leaders are concerned by Change Management, and not just Human Resources or Communication. Successful projects possess a Change Management aspect, that allows to mobilize actors and effectively address resistance to change

Change Management : what are the challenges?

All businesses, large and small are concerned.

The human aspect is the priority

The success of any change leans on the human factor in the business. To do so, we must take into account the mechanisms of understanding and assimilation. Change Management is applied effectively and through pedagogy.

Provide meaning

The strongest lever of Change Management is to be based on the analysis of working methods. This leads to 2 questions:

  • Why do we have to change? This is the dimension related to the outside of the company,
  • What do we change for? This is what will change in the company.

Favor digital transformation

The subject is present on all the desks of the steering committees. Digital transformation is within the strategy of 40% of companies and for 60% it is a medium-term priority. Therefore, Change Management shall allow the teams to be involved in the changes that the company is experiencing or will experience. The teams identify themselves with the new arrangements and can therefore can turn them into a new source of added value.

Resistance to change: the taboo obstacle

Change = resistance to change ; it’s human. We are afraid of the unknown aspect. The foundation shall count on:

  • Understanding the advantages of switching to a new model
  • Closure of the old model
  • Make the benefits of the new model be exprienced by test groups
  • Spread to the entire society

The checklist to set up your Change Management

  • Make up a team
  • Carry out a diagnosis
  • Gauge the path to take
  • Find the right method
  • Choose the implementation method
  • Identify the risks
  • Enforce
  • Monitor the implementation
  • Analyze the results
  • Trust the feedback and get the teams involved
  • Adjust based on feedback


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